Custom The Grub

As we know, by the default the grub background is Kali’s Wallpaper.
By the default, there is no way to change it at the Settings area. But, there is a way…..


#1) Log into your user & navigate to:
assault@kalivm:~$ cd /usr/share/images/desktop-base
assault@kalivm:~/usr/share/images/desktop-base$ ls
*Let’s locate the file “desktop-grub.png” by the command*
assault@kalivm:~/usr/share/images/desktop-base$ ls |grep desktop-grub.png
*Let’s delete the desktop-grub.png file by the command*
assault@kalivm:~/usr/share/images/desktop-base$ sudo rm desktop-grub.png

#2) Open a new terminal tab, navigate to your photo location & change your photo name to desktop-grub.png by the command:
*Let’s assume that your photo is in the Pictures folder & your photo’s name is test.png*
assault@kalivm:~/Pictures$ sudo mv test.png desktop-grub.png
*Now, your photo has a new name (desktop-grub)*
*Let’s copy the new photo to desktop-base folder*
assault@kalivm:~/Pictures$ sudo cp desktop-grub.png /usr/share/images/desktop-base
*Let’s go back to desktop-base folder & type*
assault@kalivm:~/usr/share/images/desktop-base$ sudo xdg-open desktop-grub.png
*This is your new photo? If yes, open another terminal tab & type*
assault@kalivm:~$ sudo update-grub
*Once the update-grub process will finish, reboot your machine*

This is our Grub Background BTW



The grub background will not work with .JPG format. Only with .PNG