Nessus, is not a part of Kali tools, we need to install it.
Go to: > Hit Download and Choose your OS.
Other way is, to open a terminal and type: sudo git clone – And download Nessus via Github.
Once the package is in your PC, follow this:


#1) Open termial & type:
assault@kalivm:~$ sudo dpkg -i Nessus-6.4.3-debian6_amd64.deb
*You can drag&drop the Nessus package after the words “dpkg -i”, Or hit TAB after the first 2 letters of Nessus, and it will auto complete for you the entire package name*

It should look like this



Let’s Continue…..

#2) Hit Enter


#3)Open a new terminal tab & type:
assault@kalivm:~$ sudo /etc/init.d/nessusd start

#4) Open Browser and go to: https://your_address:8843
#5) Sign up to Nessus
*Once Nessus will finish his Update, you will be able to use it*


[Important thing]
As you can see, we’ve installed Nessus, under /Download folder.
In most of the cases, users are installing their tools under /home folder by default, which is not a good idea.
We must keep our Distro, clean & tidy.
Same thing, as we do not store files on the primary partition (C:\) on Windows OS, same thing here, we will not save files or install tools, under /home folder, unless, you’ve did what we did during the installation progress, and we’ve separated the /home folder to other /dev/sda partition, and all seemed perfectly normal from outside, but “behind the scene”, the /home folder is on other partition.

In our testing, as you can see at the photos, we’ve installed the tool under /Download folder, but in our privet Laptops, we’ve created a separate /dev/sda, and we called it “Tools”, and everything that we want to install, carried out on “Tools” partition.



Enjoy 🙂