Nessus is a scan tool for exploits on other PCs over the Network (the local network).
The goal of Nessus is that you can scan Application\Software on the remote PC, and you will get the “whole picture” about the Application\Software on the Remote PC, and it’s a good way to know which Application\Software are outdated, or which Application\Software can be a risk for the machine\network.


#1) Let’s launch Nessus by the command:
assault@kalivm:~$ sudo /etc/init.d/nessusd start

*You should get this output*



OK, let’s continue…


#2) Open Browser and go to: https://localhost:8834



#3) Type your UserName & Password (you should signup in first)



#4) Go to “Scan” button at the menu > New Scan and tap on “Advanced Scan”




#5) Fill in your target’s details, and hit Save



#6) Wait until Nessus will finish the scan progress.



#7) Once Nessus finished the scan progress, tap on the target




As you can see at the picture above, we have the “whole picture” about the condition of the Applications\ Software on the target.

Now, you can take an advantage and abuse the target…but hii no…wait….this website is White Hat website. don’t forget to Respect your POWERFUL disro

Now you can go to the victim PC, and update OR remove the unsafe \outdated Applications\ Software over there 🙂



Here is an example by Gamer Forever