If Errors

In this page, we will post information about: how to solve an issues on BTScanner.


If you’re typing the command:
assault@hackbook:~$ sudo hciconfig hci0 up

*And you’re getting this message*
Can’t init device hci0: Operation not possible duo to RK-kill (132)

*That’s means that something is wrong with the Bluetooth settings, maybe Bluetooth is off*

Let’s solve this. Open a new terminal tab & type:
assault@hackbook:~$ sudo rfkill list
*You will get this output*

*As you can see, under section 2 (hci0: Bluetooth), the Soft blocked marked as yes*
*Let’s release it by the command*
assault@hackbook:~$ sudo rfkill unblock bluetooth

*Now, go back to the first tab, and type:
assault@hackbook:~$ sudo hciconfig hci0 up