BTScanner, is a sniffing tool, that help us to get the full details about our target.
The beautiful thing behind this tool, that we don’t need to do anything special, the BTScanner will give us everything about the machine behind the Bluetooth


#1) Open a terminal & type:
assault@hackbook:~$ sudo hciconfig
*This command will help us to know what are the physical name & the address of out Bluetooth device – like ifconfig command*
*And we will get this output*


*As you can see, our Bluetooth’s name is hci0, and the physical address is C0:38:96:96:56:1C*

#2) Let’s make our Bluetooth work by the command:
assault@hackbook:~$ sudo hciconfig hci0 up

#3) Let’s find out if there are devices with BT enable in our area. let’s type:
assault@hackbook:~$ sudo chitool scan
Scanning …
*Once the hcitool will find a device around us, we will get an output with the device’s name and physical address*
*We’ve got this*

Scanning …
……………BC:CF:CC:A1:52:E8            Windows Phone

#4) Type:
assault@hackbook:~$ sudo btscanner
Opening the OUI database
Reading the OUI database

*And btscanner will pop up for you*



*As you can see, this is the BTScanner interface. At the bottom of BTScanner there are a values*
*Let’s hit i for inquiry scan*

*That was our output*


*As you can see, we’ve got the full details about our target device*




Here is an example by Gamer Forever