p0f is a scan tool, for finger printing by SYN.
We’re gonna use p0f for scan our target’s finger print by Nmap tool.


#1) Open terminal & type:
assault@kalivm:~$ sudo p0f –help

*You will get this output*

*Make sure that your p0f version is 3.07b*

assault@kalivm:~$ sudo p0f -i wlan0
*We’re working with WiFi, so our interface will be wlan0*

#2) Open another termial tab & type:
assault@kalivm:~$ sudo nmap -sV -O
*The -sV means, prob open ports to determine service/version info*
*The -O means, enable OS detection*
*And you will get this output*p-2

*But meanwhile, what’s going on at the p0f tab?*
*Take a look*


*Take a look at our mark, the Blue arrow is our machine, the Red arrow is the target*

We love to save the logs all the time, so if you want to save p0f output, type:
assault@kalivm:~$ sudo p0f -i wlan0 -o /home/tux/Documents/results.log

Do not, and i repeat myself, Do not save an output as a TXT file (ever! ever! ever!), because a TXT format, doesn’t know how to handle with a logs structure, so if you will save the output as a TXT file, it will cause to a salad, in the file content in some cases – remember that.
So always, it will be: something.log AND NOT something.txt



Here is an example by Gamer Forever