What is Bettercap? Bettercap is a MITM tool that knows how to sniff HTTPS protocol.
By the default, Bettercap is not part of Kali’s Tools.
After a few tests, we found out that Bettercap is not a 100% compatible with Kali Linux 2.0, and the Bettercap installation process as well.
We’ve install the Bettercap tool a few times, and we’ve broke Metasploit by Bettercap install process.
So, what we did is: We’ve installed Bettercap on Ubuntu 16.04 machine.


Learn Bettercap:



#1) Open terminal & type:
tux@multivm:~$ sudo bettercap –help
*Always use –help value or man command, before any tools that you gonna use*
*Now, let’s type*
tux@multivm:~$ sudo bettercap –gateway –target -X
*The -X value means – “Start to sniff*

*Once you will hit Enter, you will get an output with the details about Bettercap*
*What you’ve left to do is, to browse at the Target’s PC*




Here is an example by Gamer Forever