*Open terminal & type*
assault@kalivm:~/Tools$ sudo git clone
assault@kalivm:~/Tools$ ls
*Locate Empire folder, and navigate to*
assault@kalivm:~/Tools$ cd Empire
assault@kalivm:~/Tools/Empire$ ls
*Locate setup folder, and navigate to*
assault@kalivm:~/Tools/Empire$ cd setup
assault@kalivm:~/Tools/Empire/setup$ ls
*Locate the executable install & type*
assault@kalivm:~/Tools/Empire/setup$ sudo ./
*Once the setup will finish, go one step backward & run Empire by the command*

assault@kalivm:~/Tools/Empire/setup$ $ cd ..
assault@kalivm:~/Tools/Empire$ sudo ./empire
*And you will get this*

Learn Empire - Attack The PowerShell:


If the “” is not in Green color, means that the “” is not an executable file – maybe something happened.
So if the “” is not an executable, type:
assault@kalivm:~/Tools/Empire/setup$ sudo chmod a+x
assault@kalivm:~/Tools/Empire/setup$ ls

*Now, the “” is in Green color, means an executable file*